Shibui (渋い) is a Japanese adjective which refers to an aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusiveness. This is a fun little personal project which looks to explore the current Japanese “Petty Knife” and fusing it with my western perspective.


A petty knife is a Japanese style cooking knife which resembles a small chef’s knife, but with a medium sized blade and a longer handle allowing it to maneuverer through both big and small jobs. These types of knives can be used to intricately carve and style vegetables for beautiful presentations and garnishes but also work well for bigger jobs like preparing meals.

In kitchen usage, a utility knife is a western knife that sits between a chef's knife and paring knife in size.  The utility knife has declined in popularity recently mainly due to clearance issues. The design looks to create an added layer to the petty knife, fusing it with features from the utility knife maintaining the design goals listed below.