Workspace Creativity

Above is a snap of my workspace, with some of the things that help me execute my work. In the middle is my notebook, which I keep all of my “spur of the moment” thoughts when I’m on the go. I find I can do great work, when I have the comfort of my workspace to execute my ideas, with all the tools I have to hand – and I’ll be honest, it’s where I get most of my work done. I’ll have good music playing, everything I need is there and it’s all exactly the way I want it.

However much I’ve made sure to maximise my level of comfort within my workspace, sometimes, the creativity just doesn’t flow. The ability to take a notebook and go somewhere different is invaluable. I can’t really explain scientifically why, and it may just be an entirely psychological thing for myself – but when I don’t feel confined, when I’m experiencing something new I just feel so much more creative, and my best ideas have come after things like a long bike ride to the middle of nowhere or on a climbing trip.

So what am I trying to say? Mix up where you think, you might be surprised what a change of scenery can have on your thinking. Oh and carry a notebook, and get those thoughts down the second you think of them, otherwise you’ll lose the purity of the thought.