amico is a voice controlled modular desktop buddy designed to suit your needs in your shared accommodation. He can reduce the noise entering into your room, keep the air you breathe pure, guard your most precious possessions, ensure your room isn’t too humid or even just light up your work space. With amico’s modular design you can control what features he has so he canperfectly suit your needs.  

Insights were derived from observations, and in combination with a group brainstorm - problems to solve were highlighted. Thumbnail sketches were firstly used to explore the form of the product, with further sketch work to work out details of the product, modules, final form factors and potential features. More refined sketches were created before moving into computer aided design, this allowed targeted work towards concept development and refinement instead of "designing" a product using CAD. A storyboard was also used to explain user case scenarios, reasons for use and highlight how the concept could be used. Exploded diagram highlighting the components and their functionality available in amico.

The modular design allows you to only use the modules you need, each combination has it's own distinct feel. With the design being as simple and pure as it is with only the necessary features for each module, the details add the level of finesse required for the product. Even with no modules, amico is still your voice controlled desk buddy - with the ability to answer your questions, call your friends and remind you about your day. The easy carry handle allows effortless portability, and only a single power cable is required to power the device as necessary ...and how could I post a project without an edgy detail shot?!


This project was completed for "Design Week" at Loughborough University with the brief set by Seymour Powell.