I'm a London based designer who loves to solve problems and learn new things. I love creating innovative products people can't bear to be without, and joyful experiences that drive change.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked for some of the finest consulting agencies in London and Cambridge for two years, alongside some brilliant minds - creating innovative solutions for outstanding clients in multi-national companies and disruptive start-ups. I’ve also had the pleasure of working in more entrepreneurial environments with a selection of amazing clients over the past few years.

I was born in London and raised on the south coast of England before graduating with a first class honours from Loughborough University’s incredibly competitive Product Design program.

When I'm not designing or sketching I like to play the ukulele, ride my bike, photograph the world around me and go rock climbing. I find my hobbies help to keep me creative by being additional outlets and they often lead to moments of inspiration.

I'm always looking for exciting work; from freelance opportunities to working for innovative companies so feel free to get in touch even just to say Hi! I love receiving e-mails!

I also keep a very active Instagram account with a following of over 56,000 people, as my design journal, so make sure you have a look at that too for some fresh work!


2016: Reddot Design Award - Winner, Plug and Play

Identifying good design since 1950, the Red Dot Design Award received more than 18,000 applications in 2016.

2017: 3D Hubs, Student Grant - Winner, Aer

Overall winner for the product design catergory for the grant which had over 203 applicants from around the world.

2017: New Designers Kenwood Appliances Award - Winner, Aer

Selected by the Industrial Design team, Head of Marketing and Lead Engineers at Kenwood out of all Product design exhibitions at New Designers for a cash prize and the opportuity to collaborate with Kenwood on an exciting project as a freelance designer.

2017: James Dyson Foundation Bursary - Aer

Selected with 7 others for a Bursary funded by James Dyson.

2017: Seymour Powell Design Week, Winner, Serenity

Winner of week long competition held by Design Consultancy Seymour Powell